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Personal Services Contracts

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Contract Type Matrix

Personal Services Contracts Start-Up Guide

Template for Personal Services Contracts

Draft a contract following the imbedded instructions in this template.  Delete the text of instructions. 
Email to purchasing@wsu.edu.
Send hard copy with department requisition to Purchasing Services, mailcode 1020.  If applicable, include sole source justification.

Department Requisition Form

Contract Manager Responsibilities

Individuals designated as contract manager in personal services contracts must complete DES contract management courses.  This is a new training requirement, introduced in October 2015.
Here’s a list of the courses with Skillsoft links:
Online Contract Management Training required by WA Department of Enterprise Services
In total, about 4 hours are needed to complete the five courses.

Objects & Subobjects for Personal Services Contracts & Client Services Contracts

Information Services Review Questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire with the assistance of your Area Technology Officer. If contractor provide IT consulting Services: ie web development, mobile app development or software development. Email to purchasing@wsu.edu, etc.
             Executive Policy 8 University Data Policies

Executive Ethics Board approval is needed for contractors who are employees of WSU, UW or any other WA state institution or agency.


Sole Source Justification for Personal Service Contracts 

Prepare a thorough response to each point and subpoint and email to purchasing@wsu.edu.

Model Request for Proposal for consulting contract

Model Contract Amendments

Contract Management Amendment

Personal Services Contracts Business Policies and Procedures 70.50

Purchasing, PO Box 641020, Pullman WA 99164-1020, 509-335-3541, Contact Us