Washington State University Department Orders

How to get access to Department Orders in PAPR

To get access to department orders in PAPR you must complete and submit AIS accessrequest form.

Also, there is a training requirement for access to the Dept Order system.

In 2015, the State of WA made certain training courses mandatory for state employees who create small purchase orders.
Information is posted on our website

There are two courses, both available on the Skillsoft platform. Here are the links:

In addition to the course workbook for Small Purchases, please print and refer to the attached supplemental handout as you listen to the presentation.

WSU Vendor Numbers are now Required for all Department Orders

How to find a Vendor Number:

  • Log into PAPR
  • Use the command QRYVRT
  • Press F6
  • Type in the vendor name or a keyword in their name
  • Press Enter and a list of vendors containing the keyword will appear.
  • If no vendors appear you will get to get a W-9 from the vendor and submit it to the Accounts Payable Service Desk on JIRA.

How to order capitalized equipment:

Please take care not to order capitalized equipment with department order. Instead, prepare a departmental requisition and send it to Purchasing Services. Neither the department order system nor the purchasing card process can support procedures necessary to inventory capital equipment or take any applicable tax exemptions. Thank you for your cooperation.
BPPM 70.07