Washington State University Procurement Initiative for Office Supplies

Master Contract for Office Supplies
Current Contract: Office Depot

Click Here to see the 2012 Procurement Initiative announcement
Click Here to see the 2016 Procurement Initiative announcement

Here are some tips for using the OD contract:

  • Use “Live Chat” feature to inquire about products if you need more info that the site provides.  If you ever need other types of customer service, call 888-777-4044.
  • There is no minimum order, but best practice is to order weekly, or when order value will exceed $30.  However, if there’s a valid urgency, go ahead and place a smaller order.  Avoid paying full retail at a local store.
  • Pullman campus units may now order Item 790206 Georgia-Pacific Spectrum®  Multi-Use Copy Paper from University Stores at a savings of $4.  Ordering Information
  • Your log in only works on the contract website:  https://business.officedepot.com

Why Order Online with Office Depot?

CheckMark2.jpg      Greatest product selection
CheckMark2.jpg      Contract pricing is displayed, and bestvalue.jpg products are identified
CheckMark2.jpg      Shipping is at no extra charge
CheckMark2.jpg      Delivery is in 24-36 hours
CheckMark2.jpg      Order Flow options exist: The order flow allows several people in a unit to select products on the website and forward their order to an Approver for release to Office Depot – click here for more information on Order Flows
Office Depot web Ordering Overview

What About Purchasing In-Store?

!!      Your Purchasing Card must be pre-authorized to receive master contract pricing at Office Depot stores
!!      Items with best contract value are not identified
!!      Contract pricing is not displayed
CheckMark2.jpg      Each product is sold at contract or retail price, whichever is lowest

What About Returning an Item?

After processing your return on the Office Depot website, you will need to fill out a Return for Shipment of Merchandise form. Sample
How To Be a Big Saver:
$$    Choose items marked bestvalue.jpg on the contract website
$$    Try remanufactured toner and ink cartridges with the Office Depot brand
$$    Avoid in-store shopping. Instead, purchase online to identify products with the deepest contract discounts and see the full range of products available

How to get access to the savings:

Step 1: Apply for an Office Depot Business account

      Account Application Form

Step 2: Begin saving money by using business.officedepot.com

Procurement Initiative for Office Supplies

Once you have an account:

Purchasing Methodscurved_down.jpg

 Delegation Options:
CheckMark2.jpg      Do you want to let someone else place Office Depot orders on your PCard, without the need to approve every purchase? Use this form.
CheckMark2.jpg      Are you an Approver, but will be unavailable to approve purchases, and want to appoint a temporary Proxy Approver? Use this form. Personal Reimbursement Requests
!!      Only in unusual circumstances should employees ever make a retail purchase and then request reimbursement
!!      Employees who make Office Depot purchases with personal funds pay full retail price; Contract savings are forfeited
!!      Full reimbursement is a waste of University resources – Departments may choose to reimburse at the contract rate, or not at all
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Office Depot Informationcurved_down.jpg

Office Depot Business (Account # 89119651)
National IPA Cooperative Agreement
Strategic Contract Manager: Patty Gropp If you need help with account maintenance, e.g.
CheckMark2.jpg      Delivery address,
CheckMark2.jpg      PCard number,
CheckMark2.jpg      Order Flow model, or
CheckMark2.jpg      Password
please contact us at purchasing@wsu.edu with your request

Customer Service – 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST
Phone: 888.2.OFFICE (888.777.4044)  orders, products, returns
Fax: 888.813.7272

Departments should call Customer Service for assistance with:

  • Ordering
  • Checking the status of a submitted order
  • Finding substitute products
  • Determining state contract pricing

Report any unresolved issues or dissatisfaction with customer service to purchasing@wsu.edu

Account Manager

Linda Davis: 509.279.3722 Linda.Davis2@OfficeDepot.com
Departments should call our Account Manager for assistance with:

  • Issues that Customer Service is unable to resolve
  • Delivery questions
  • Invoicing issues

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Ordering Papercurved_down.jpg

  • Click here for part numbers, pricing, and quantity options

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