Washington State University PaymentNet 4 PCard FAQ

PaymentNet 4 PCard FAQ

Here are some helpful answers to questions we have received about the migration.


What is the timeline of the Pcard PaymentNet 4 migration?

(see below for current info) Each reconciler will receive two emails from JPMorgan Chase with login credentials for PaymentNet 4:

  • one with a new User ID and the address of login page
  • one with a new temporary password

The timing of these emails will depend on number of transactions reconciled in 2013.

  • Those with highest volume of transactions will receive the email first; approximately February 14th.
  • Those with lower volume will receive the email the week of the 17th.  
  • The final group of reconcilers will be those with less than 100 transactions in 2013.  This group will receive the email with login credentials by the end week of the week of the 17th.

One day before the emails from JPMC arrive, the PCard Program Administrator will send each reconciler an email with links to three important training and orientation resources:

  1. A link to the recorded on-line tutorial for reconcilers.  The tutorial provides a basic introduction to the new site and reconciling tasks. 
  2. The link to a user’s manual,PaymentNet 4 Day 1 Checklist.
  3. The link to our Question Post and FAQ page.
  4. The link to our in-depth guides

A new course for reconcilers, PCard Level 4 will be offered, beginning in March.

Click on this link to read our last communication sent out on this subject (Note: this is out of date info)

Will my Pcard be affected by the migration?

No. The migration involves changing the software Reconcilers use to enter data online. This change will not have any effect to a card’s status or its limits. All cards that worked when Legacy was active will continue to work when we switch over to PNet4.

What needs to be reconciled in Legacy before the cut-off date (01/31/2014)?

All transactions that posted in Legacy prior to DEC 2013 must be reconciled by 01/31/2014. If not reconciled by this date, they will be automatically expensed to the listed default budget-project number on that Pcard’s account. All transactions that posted from DEC – Current Date should be reconciled if at all possible to reduce the amount of transactions that need to be carried over, but if they need to be legitimately left open, then that it is okay to do so. All DEC – Current transactions will be carried over to the new system and can be reconciled in PNet4.

What web browser should I use?

Firefox is the recommended browser for PaymentNet 4.

When I go to use a drop-down box, I do not see the full list of choices; where is the value I want to select?

The drop-down boxes can only hold so many values that are viewable. Despite the fact it may not be present, the boxes can hold more values than what can be seen on the screen. To get any value in the box, just begin typing out the value. This will cause the box to begin auto-filling with the choice from the complete list that most closely matches your input. As an example, if I wanted to type “03AA” into the Subobject box, and i did not see “03-AA” on the list, I would start typing out “03A…” and at this point the right value should not be populated in the list underneath it so it can then be selected.

PaymentNet 4 can be slow to load a page at times. You need to wait for PaymentNet 4 to completely load a page before you try using features on that same page. Ensure the icon next to the page name on the tab of the browser is not showing that the page is still loading. Once it stops, then all functions of that page should work as they are supposed to. Patience is key.

When I go to use a drop-down box, no values ever populate the list; where are the choices to select?

If you use the arrow next to the drop down box once the web page has already finished loading, and no values show up on the list – begin by first trying to type the desired allowable value directly into the field and see if any values populate below (See Q5). If not, it may be that a technical issue with your computer’s setup may be preventing it from ever populating. The best way to fix this is ensure you are using Firefox as your PNet4 web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both experience issues with PNet that Firefox does not. If this does not solve your issue, contact the Pcard ADMIN team with the details. If you are at an Extension location and cannot obtain Firefox, please contact cwr.support@wsu.edu for further assistance.

There is an error that has been discovered that has to deal with what button you use to enter the data. When selecting the final value to populate the box from the drop-down list, always use the mouse to click on the value. If you are a keyboard user, and use the “tab” and “enter” buttons to navigate the page, you will have issues if you use the “enter” button to select the value from the drop-down box. Using “enter” causes the next box down to not populate the drop-down list. To fix, simply go back to the line above and re-enter the value using the mouse, and then try again in the box below.

There is also an error that occurs at times where any of the lines above the one you are working on have been adjusted, likely without you noticing it (i.e. accidently hit the ‘space bar’ or ‘delete’ keys, or used ‘enter’ in the box above), and as a result all of the fields below it no longer function because each field is directly tied to the one above it. To fix this is very easy, just navigate away from the page without saving, and then come back to the same transaction. Doing this will blank out the details you entered already in transaction, but it will also blank out the error. Then just fill it in again.

When I go to login for the first time, it does not work so i try using the ‘Forgot your password/Org ID/User ID’ button. Why doesn’t this button work for me?

Until you have fully logged into PNet4 once, the ‘Forgot your…’ links will not work for you from the login screen. If you are having any issues logging in, especially on your first time, please contact us at the web site location indicated at the bottom of this webpage for assistance.

Now that I am in the system, what transactions need to be reconciled in PaymentNet 4?

Begin with the easiest transaction to start with – transactions with few issues, funds or notes required. From there you can move onto more and more complex transactions. Save “spilt” transactions for last, as they will be the most complex. We have a guide on how to reconcile on our guides page

Anything reconciled in PaymentNet Legacy does not need to be touched in PNet4. These can be identified by finding transactions that have a green check mark located in the “Exported” column seen on the Transactions List page. It is okay if these are not marked as “approved” in the Status section, as these transactions have already been expensed to your budget. Only transactions that are not marked as “Exported”, and have yet to be marked as “Reviewed”, need to be reconciled.

How do you enter Tax in a Split Transaction?

Sales Tax must be calculated individually for each sub-transaction line of a split. The tax should be divided amongst the sub-transactions in the same proportions in which you divide the transaction amount. Only sales tax should be entered on this line. We have a guide on how to reconcile (Day 1 Guide – Processing Transactions), including splits, on our guides page.

A tip on how to easily fill-out your split: if all of the sub-transactions in the split will have the exact same tax info (or any field), then there is a way to make the tax value show up in each sub-transaction when the spilt is created. Start by figuring out the sub-transaction tax first (i.e. if equal amounts on each line – take the full tax amount and divide it by the number of splits you plan on doing). Once the value is known, put that value in the tax line of the transaction that will be split, and then hit ‘save’. Once you see the green checkmark indicating the save worked, initiate the split, and then that tax value will be on each of the newly generated sub-transactions now.

What is the current balance on any of my Pcards?

You can now view the real-time balance on any Pcards you have access to view. Start by going to the “My Profile” button found in the top-right corner of any page in PaymentNet 4. Once there, go to the tab entitled “Accounts”. You should now see a list of each Pcard you are the Reconciler for. Click on any card to be taken to a detailed information screen that will show multiple pieces of information about the Pcard in question which includes: CH Phone#, Statement Address, and all card limits. At the top under “Available Credit” is the amount for which the Pcard in question can still spend in the current month. This should be closely monitored when near the end of the month to avoid declines.

Can I edit a transaction that I have already marked as “reviewed”?

No. You should not attempt to change or access any transaction once you have marked the Approval Status from ‘new’ to ‘approved’. This step should only ever be done once the transaction is 100% completed and ready to be expensed to Accounts Payable (AP).

To make changes on a transaction marked as ‘reviewed’, please email Accounts Payable (acctspay.pcard@wsu.edu) your changes. It may also be necessary to fill out and submit an ETR form (Expenditure Transfer Request) to AP. Please scan your itemized documentation when requesting changes so that the AP team has the details they need to make the change.

What is the “User ID” that I should login with?

For Reconcilers, the “User ID” field should be your WSU ID#. For Approving Officials and anyone who receives higher levels of access, your “User ID” will be “the first initial of your first name” + “first 10 or so characters of your last name” in all caps (i.e. John Smith = JSMITH), unless the final combined login is under 6 characters and then the first and middle name will be expanded until a total 6 characters is hit (i.e. John Doe = JOHDOE).

My monthly statements are supposed to be sent by USPS mail, but when I go to the “My Profile” icon and look at my Accounts they are set to “Electronic” – do I need to do anything?

No. While the “My Profile” section does have a box next to each of your card accounts where you can switch between ‘Electronic’ and ‘Mailed’ under the “Statement Delivery”, this does not actually do anything to your statement delivery. The ability to control if your Monthly statement is mailed via a physical mailing or is emailed to you is not controlled from this screen. Switching these values will not change anything on the selected account. All WSU statements are set to be mailed via USPS, unless otherwise specifically requested. If you do not want to receive a physical statement in the mail, please contact the WSU Pcard ADMIN team and let them know so they can complete the request for you.

I marked a transaction as “Reviewed” but on my end of month reconciliation report still shows it as not checked – do I need to do anything?

No action required from the Purch. dept. The Reviewed box was repurposed in PaymentNet4. In Legacy Paymentnet, its purpose was to indicate the Reconciler had reviewed and approved the transaction. Now, on the PCard Reconciliation Report it indicates the charge has been marked to be posted to BALANCES. Once it is checked by AP, it should post within a couple days from then.

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