Washington State University Technical Solutions for PaymentNet Issues

Technical Solutions

General Information

PaymentNet is a program that requires your web browser to be updated frequently and is heavily dependent on Java software in order to run properly. Each computer that uses these software systems can encounter several errors that pertain to these system’s demands. We have identified several of these errors, and the known solutions can be found below.

Note: PaymentNet has been known to run more efficient and have fewer errors when run out of the Firefox web browser. If you do not have this on your computer, ask your local IT team about having it installed.

Tech solutions should only be carried out by IT staff or under their direct supervision. Do not make any changes to your computer’s settings if you are not instructed to do so.


Java can create several different errors within PaymentNet. Here are a few of the known issues and solutions.

“Blocked by Security” Error Message
If you are receiving an error message when using PaymentNet that says “Application Blocked by Security Settings”, then your Java software is not set to allow use of the PaymentNet website. To fix this, you should have your IT team update Java and then set Java to allow the PaymentNet website. Have the IT team follow the below guide exactly as shown in order to fix this.

Java Update and Website Allow Guide

“Process Report/Query” button in PaymentNet Legacy
When trying to run a report or query in PaymentNet Legacy, you may find that when you go to run the report, the “process report” or “process query” button either pushes in and does nothing or is completely non-responsive. If this is the case, your web browser and Java are not currently compatible. The below guide walks you through an easy fix for this. This error is specific to Internet Explorer 10 and below, so switching to Firefox may eliminate the issue. Currently, IT recommends that if you use Internet Explorer, you should use Internet Explorer 9.

Process Query/Report Broken Button Guide
If you are using Internet Explorer 11, you cannot use the above guide as the process on how to fix the issue has changed with this version of the software. To enable the button to work in Internet Explorer 11, visit Microsoft’s help page on the subject below. Once there, click on “To add a site to the Compatibility View list” to see the solution