Washington State University Restricted PCard Purchases


Certain goods and services are unallowable for purchase with the WSU PCard due to State regulations, University policies or certain risk factors. In each revision of BPPM 70.08, the list of purchases that are unallowable may be revised. Be sure to consult the current policy.   Prohibited purchases are listed in the Restrictions section.
Written request for exception can be considered for unusual circumstances. Address such requests to PCard Program Administrator at purchasing.card@wsu.edu.  Exception templates are now available for gift cards and entertainment.

Exception Request Templates

To ask for approval for a purchase not made yet.

Restricted Purchase Template

To account for a prohibited purchase that has already been made.

WSU Merchant Transactions

Pcard transactions are not allowable for:

  • WSU Creamery
  • Cougar Copies
  • WSU Conferences
  • Athletics
  • Parking Services
  • Central Stores
  • CUB Food Court – Carlita’s

PCard transactions are allowable for:

  • WSU Connections (WSU Store at Westlake Mall in Seattle)
  • The Student Book Corporation (At any campus)
  • The Bookie (includes the Starbucks inside it as well)
  • The Residence Inn by Marriott Pullman at Washington State University
  • CUB Food Court – Panda Express, Subway, Pizza Pipeline
  • Banyan’s