Purchasing Test Page

Office Depot Business (Account # 89119651)
National IPA Cooperative Agreement
Strategic Contract Manager: Patty Gropp
If you need help with account maintenance, e.g.
CheckMark2.jpg      Delivery address,
CheckMark2.jpg      PCard number,
CheckMark2.jpg      Order Flow model, or
CheckMark2.jpg      Password
please contact us at purchasing@wsu.edu with your request

Customer Service – 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST
Phone: 888.2.OFFICE (888.777.4044)  orders, products, returns
Fax: 888.813.7272

Departments should call Customer Service for assistance with:

  • Ordering
  • Checking the status of a submitted order
  • Finding substitute products
  • Determining state contract pricing

Report any unresolved issues or dissatisfaction with customer service to

Account Manager

Linda Davis: 509.279.3722

Departments should call our Account Manager for assistance with:

  • Issues that Customer Service is unable to resolve
  • Delivery questions
  • Invoicing issues

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