Purchasing Workday Information
Please find the cutover schedule with detailed information at the Modernization website found here. Please refer to this site which will provide up to date and complete information. To support these cutover activities and dates, please note the following:
  • Card Services will be providing Area Finance Officers a spreadsheet of all outstanding purchasing card and CTA activities for their area. These are the transactions that must be reconciled prior to moving to Workday. These will be updated approximately every two weeks through the middle of December. Questions regarding Purchasing Cards can be sent to purchasing.card@wsu.edu.
  • An exception to policy is provided to allow for reconciliation of purchases prior to receipt of the item until December 15, 2020. Reconcilers need to note in their documentation that the item is yet to be receipted. Once receipted, this should also be noted in the department records.
  • Purchases can continue to be made on PCards and CTA throughout the transition. Transactions made after the cutover date will be held and post to Workday for verification.

Policy BPPM 70.08 Purchasing Card will undergo major revision for new processes in Workday. The revised policy will be available in November and include new definitions and roles to reflect the new processes.

Additional staff support is available by contacting:

Purchasing Card Program Manager: Allyson Comstock, allyson.comstock@wsu.edu or 509-335-2032.

Purchasing Card Program Coordinator:  Deanna Sullivan, deanna.sullivan@wsu.edu or 509-335-2034.

Travel Manager: Jackie Gregg, jkgregg@wsu.edu or 509-335-2038.