Washington State University Purchasing Services

To our SUpplier community:

In a recent flurry of fraudulent activity, some of our suppliers have received orders and requests for pricing from people impersonating employees of Washington State University.  If you doubt the validity of any purchase order, request for pricing or other document that appears to be from Washington State University, forward it by email to purchasing@wsu.edu.

Please take extreme caution when filling any order that appears suspicious, as the University cannot be held responsible for fraudulently placed orders.

Public Notices:

For information about Current RFPs, and  Intents to Sole Source visit our public notices page.

Our interlocal agreements can be found on our website and on the Real Estate and Business Operation’s website.

Latest News

Office Depot In Store purchases

We are no longer able to get our contract pricing on in store purchases when using pcards. It will not longer be possible to get credits for the difference in price. If you wish to get contract pricing in store you will need to place  online orders with the instore pick up option selected.

WSU Departments: Office Depot accounts

Office Depot for Business is now ODP Business Solutions. All log ins for our Office Depot Business account should work on the new website. The only difference should be the website name and colors. Email purchasing@wsu.edu if you have any issues.


Per  Proclamation 21-14 any contractor of a State Agency (WSU) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to perform on site work. For more information and to submit a declaration please visit go.wsu.edu/declare .


Per Proclamation 21-14 any contractor for WSU that is coming on-site must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  For more information for departmental ordering processes involving on-site services, click here.