Personal Services Contracts

Workday Contract Requests for Personal Services Contracts (PSC)

In Workday, the task Create Request is the starting point for a new PSC or an amendment to a PSC.  At a minimum the documents needed for this task are the Contract Request Form and a contract draft or document.  Refer to this guide for instructions and other documentation that may be needed for some contracts:


Approvals and Documentation

To comply with state procurement statutes and rules, certain PSCs will need additional documentation, processing or reviews.

1. Contracts with compensation over $10,000.  One of the following is to be uploaded to the Contract Request.

  • Documentation:  evidence the contractor is named in the grant proposal.
  • Approved informal competition:  three quotations and solicitation of WA Certified minority- and women-owned business   enterprises.  (one of each)  Email for assistance in identifying certified firms for the informal solicitation.
  • Documentation:  substantive justification the contractor has unique capabilities or facilities.  Use the outline of this template:

2. Contractors who are state employees. Contractors who are employees of the University of Washington or any other state of Washington agency must obtain an approval from the Washington State Executive Ethics Board (and  possibly from their own agency or institution). Provide the contractor with these instructions. The contractor is to provide department evidence of the WSEEB approval.  Upload a copy of the approval to Contract Request.

3. Contracts for information technology consulting:
If the work of the contractor is a form of IT consulting, for example mobile app development, website design, software implementation, etc. go to the ITS Contract Review Service Desk using Firefox or Chrome.  Complete this form.

4. Contracts with Grant funding. If any consultants are named in a funded proposal, WSU must execute a PSC with those consultants.  Being named in the grant does not form a contract between WSU and the consultant. See ORSO Guideline 22

Some Cautions and Guidelines:

  1. Verbal agreements with consultants are to be avoided.  Contracts must be in writing.
  2. No work is to be authorized in advance of a fully executed PSC.
  3. Contract Management of a Grant funded contract is shared: A Cost Center Manager or Grant Manager should be designated as Contract Manager in the PSC template. The PI may be designated as Project Manager in the PSC template.

Responsibilities of Contract and Project Managers

Individuals designated as Contract Manager in a personal services contracts must:

  • Hold a Workday  financial manager role authorized to approve payments against the Contract in Workday.
  • Have completed the courses required by the WA Department of Enterprise Services (DES).  These courses are accessible in Precipio.
Contract Management Responsibilities
Components of Contract Management

Personal Services Contracts Business Policies and Procedures 70.50