Procurement Training

The State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES) has mandated that employees involved in “developing, executing, or managing procurements or contracts, or both,” (RCW 39.26.110) must complete training in order to continue performing their procurement functions.

Please use the following information to determine which modules you should take. All courses are available through WSU’s Percipio Website. Click here for how to find each set of training based off of roles.

Please note that if you have roles and responsibilities in multiple categories, you are responsible for taking all of the training for all of those roles and responsibilities.

Procurement FAQs

WSU deadline: December 31, 2015 WSU is using its own delegated authority as an institution of higher education (RCW 28B.10.029) to set a reasonable deadline.

Your IT support team.
Browser configuration problems are often the cause of technical difficulties launching the course in Skillsoft.

The HRS Training Team.  Email  Identify the course and module along with a description of problem encountered.

No. The courses have a stop and restart feature.

About 30 minutes.


Yes, it is open to all in Skillsoft

No. Disregard the survey. Response is not required.

No. Your completion of the course is recorded by Skillsoft, so ne need to print certificate. However, if you do want a certificate here are the instructions for printing:

  • Log into your WSU Online Training System account
  • Click on the “Quick Links” shortcut near the top left of the page
  • Select “Learning Transcript” from the menu
  • Click the “Actions” link to the far right of a record of completion. One of the options will allow you to print the certificate. Here is a demonstration of the process

The HRS Training Team.  Email