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Master Contract for Office Supplies

In store purchases with pcards are no longer eligible for contract pricing.

Pcard Delegation form for ODP Business Solutions accounts

Creating an Account

Step 1: Apply for an Office Depot Business account using the Account Application Form

Step 2: Begin saving money by using ODP Business Solutions

  • Use “Live Chat” feature to inquire about products if you need more info that the site provides.  If you ever need other types of customer service, contact 888.777.4044
  • There is no minimum order, but best practice is to order weekly, or when order value will exceed $30.  However, if there’s a valid urgency, go ahead and place a smaller order.  Avoid paying full retail at a local store.
  • Your log in only works on the contract website: ODP Business Solutions

After processing your return on the ODP Business Solutions website, you will need to fill out a Return for Shipment of Merchandise form. Sample

Once You Have an Account

Delegation Options:

  • Do you want to let someone else place ODP Business Solutions orders on your PCard, without the need to approve every purchase? Use this form.
  • Are you an Approver, but will be unavailable to approve purchases, and want to appoint a temporary Proxy Approver? Use this form.

Personal Reimbursement Requests

  • Only in unusual circumstances should employees ever make a retail purchase and then request reimbursement
  • Employees who make ODP Business Solutions purchases with personal funds pay full retail price; Contract savings are forfeited
  • Full reimbursement is a waste of University resources – Departments may choose to reimburse at the contract rate, or not at all

ODP Business Solutions (Account # 89119651)
National IPA Cooperative Agreement
Strategic Contract Manager: Patty Gropp

If you need help with updating your account please contact us at:

Customer Service Information

Customer Service – 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST
Phone: 888.777.4044,  orders, products, returns

Contact customer service for:

  • Ordering
  • Checking the status of a submitted order
  • Finding substitute products
  • Determining state contract pricing

Report any unresolved issues or dissatisfaction with customer service to

Account Manager

Tom Burns

Contact the Account Manager for:

  • Issues that Customer Service is unable to resolve
  • Delivery questions
  • Invoicing issues