Announcing New Policy:

BPPM 70.37 Purchasing, Using, and Recycling Multipurpose Paper.

BPPM 70.37 was written to promote compliance with change in state regulation.  RCW 43.19 was amended in the last legislative session and certain sustainable practices are now mandated.  In summary, the new requirements are:

  • Purchase Cut Papers With Recycled Content
    Effective December 31, 2009, state regulations require that all state agencies purchase 100% recycled content white cut sheet bond paper for use in office printers and copiers. (RCW 43.19A)  For for colored cut sheet bond paper, the requirement is 30% recycled content.
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  • Recycle All Multipurpose Paper
    Departments are to recycle all multipurpose paper, rather than disposing of paper in wastebaskets or dumpsters. The University must pay to dispose of discarded paper as solid waste; however, paper has value as a recycled commodity.
  • Reduce Paper Usage By 30%
    To support Governor’s Executive Order 05-01, departments are to reduce overall paper use.